I first encountered the mighty Kettlebell in Dubai in 2010 when friends of ours organised a personal trainer to come and train us at their house. It was love at first sight...not with the trainer, with the Kettlebell :-)

Twice a week we trained with Paul, and after a week or two of intense muscle soreness, I started to realise that the two hours a week we were sweating was giving us an extraordinary full body workout. I was getting impressive results in my muscle tone within six weeks, unheard of in my fitness experience, slogging away at the gym on various pieces of equipment. This was a remarkable piece of apparatus. Unassuming, simple to use, with aggressive results!

When I returned to South Africa, I continued to use Kettlebells and my friends commented on my rapidly improving muscle tone and asked me to train them with Kettlebells. They too, have been swept along in the “Kettlebell Revolution” and are seeing their bodies transforming in as little as seven months. I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing my pupils' amazement when a previously undeveloped muscle begins to show definition :-)

I certified as a Kettlebell trainer soon after that, and can truly say I now do what I love. Kettlebells are not just a means of attaining impressive musculature, but rather a discipline teaching focus and determination. They have inspired me to step onto a life path where I can use my knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition to inspire others, transforming not only their bodies but giving them a new zest for life.

Whether it is a strength, endurance, stamina, cardio or weight related goal you want to achieve, Kettlebells are the answer! An intense 25 minute workout with Kettlebells two to three times a week is all you need to get you well on your way to realising your fitness goals.

Caroline Body of Substance Training in Durban & Pietermaritzburg
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