Never in a million years would I have thought I would become a Kettlebell coach. My name and exercise were never even in the same sentence. I would enter the gym, walk – not even run on the treadmill, for say 15mins and pat myself on the back as I exited the doors. I could have had shares in Verimark, with the amount of belts, balls and gadgets I had bought. However, something was missing. I had no dedication, no drive to really transform my body.

Years on in 2015, my second child was 10 months old and let’s just say you never caught me in a pair of shorts, never mind a bikini. I looked decent enough, but I definitely was not where I wanted to be. I had skinny legs and arms, the oh so common ‘mummy tummy’ and I couldn’t find my bum – it had disappeared!

I then met the wonderful Caroline ('the kettlebell lady') who happened to stay in our complex…hmm I was intrigued. The best part was that she was mobile. She came to MY house twice a week while my son had his morning naps. I could not pass this up. I didn’t need to get dressed up or find a babysitter.

Months passed with regular kettlebell sessions and I started to see small changes here and there. Clothes fitted better, people made positive comments and I noticed great definition in my arms and legs. Fast forward two years and my body has transformed.

I am blown away by my increasing strength and stamina. I can proudly say I have lost over 6cm around my waist, my “mummy tummy” has disappeared and happily my bum has made a rather perky reappearance. I have lift and muscle definition that was never there before.

Don't be fooled, Kettlebells give you an intense workout. But wow, what an amazing workout it is and it’s actually fun, because of the different ways you can use the bell! You feel strong and confident in no time at all and ready to take on that heavier bell or extra rep, because you know you can and you will.

One of the greatest moments is realising what you are really capable of doing. Something you couldn’t do a couple of months or weeks ago, now seems easy!

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.’

Let’s do this!

Claire at Body of Substance Training in Durban & Pietermaritzburg
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