The Kettlebell was first used to weigh crops in Russia in the 1700's. Later on, it became popular at festivals in strength competitions and was also used in the Russian Military to train new cadets.

The Kettlebell is a cast-iron ball with a handle used to perform high intensity movements that test multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Workouts can be tailor-made to cater for strength, endurance or flexibility requirements depending on the client's goals.

Unlike traditional dumbbells, the Kettlebell's center of mass extends beyond the hand which allows for safer movement. It also facilitates the swinging movements exclusive to Kettlebell training.

Kettlebell workouts are usually characterized by high repetitions, started off at a slow pace with a light bell. As strength increases, so does the weight of the bell. This usually happens fairly quickly due to the nature of the movements. For instance, a Turkish Get Up requires the individual to go from supine (lying down) to standing in one fluid movement while holding a Kettlebell overhead. This builds stamina and strength quickly!

It is very worthwhile to note that if you are a beginner Kettlebell pupil it is absolutely imperative that you get lessons from a qualified Kettlebell instructor before you commence. Incorrect use of Kettlebells can be disastrous and will set you back from your fitness goals.

Kettlebell Training with Body of Substance
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